Chapel Renovation

The Chapel has been rededicated on May 23, 2004 as St Mary's Chapel in keeping with the Anglican tradition.

In spite of the modesty of their plan. The founders of Ascension were lavish in their decoration and furnishing of the interior of the Church. In the course of rehabilitation. An elaborate border and wall paintings in the chancel area were revealed when the wallpaper was removed. The ceiling overlying the chancel was originally painted blue with interspersed gold stars. Kathy Mailande, a local artist, has restored the border and paintings using the original colors. As shown in the early photograph appearing with the old pictures of the chapel. An elaborate rood screen originally separated the chancel and nave areas of the Church. The upper part of this screen was removed in the early 1950's. Gary Hand. A Salida furniture maker, has replicated the missing upper section and has done a marvelous job of wedding it to the original lower section. In addition, he has repaired and refinished the original altar, altar rail and other chancel furnishings, which are quite ornate, based on the frontier standards of that time and place. The chandeliers now in place over the center aisle are replicas of the original fixtures appearing in the old picture . The pews have been restored to their original unpainted condition. The six stained glass windows in the north and south walls, which date back to the late 1800's, were reconditioned by Barbara Abel, a member of our congregation. The large stained glass window in the west wall of the chapel was donated by the Rio Grande Hospital in the early 1950's

If the founders of Ascension were in our congregation today, they would feel very much at home. Except for the modern heating and electrical systems, the building is essentially unchanged from 117 years ago.

We wish to express our thanks to the Colorado State Historical Fund for their generous grant which helped to make this rehabilitation project possible.

Note depth in wall painting.
Side wall on Epistle side or right side facing alter.
Star on ceiling gold with blue ceiling.
Center above altar probably was purple outline with gold lettering.

Center above altar bottom phrase is "Draw Near With Faith".
Another star.
Close up of column Gospel side.
Blow up of part of arch on side wall.
Above door on Gospel side"Praise Ye the Lord".
Stenciling on ceiling on edge of sanctuary towards congregation.
Above door on Epistle side "Abide in me".
Stenciling all around wall of church close to ceiling in gold.
A recent picture of the front of Ascension's original church building.
The altar at Easter before the rood screen was removed. 1900

The alter with the new rood
Front of old church.
Chancel area
Left side of chancel
Restored altar
Right side of chancel

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